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" Logos need to translate to all mediums. If you have a logo that is 3-D and full color, it might be sharp looking, but does it translate to Black and White? You might not always buy full color print and this is an important consideration."

Typically, MAD House Graphics will supply 3 to 5 concept proofs after discussing your particular needs and the final will get developed from these. Many of the below samples have a "More Proofs" link in the right column. You can follow them to view additional logo concept proofs that were created. They will help demonstrate the process of developing your logo.

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More Proofs:
Aleric International

Aleric International is an IT Company and we are also developing their website .

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More Insurance Logo Proofs:
Brown & Associates Insurance

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More Proofs:
Avda Bay LOGO

An Audio and Video Production Company

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More Proofs:
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More Proofs:
Aryel Technologies

A Middletown, DE Computer Shop

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More Proofs:

A Middletown, DE area coffee house and cafe

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More Proofs:
Middletown Music
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Home Maintenance
Final Logo

Home Repair Company
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More Concept Proofs:
Grey Matter Inc.
An IT Company
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More Proofs:
Kevin Needham - Electrical Contractor
Card and Logo
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T-Shirt Company
Concept Proof

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More Proofs:
Liberty Parks & Playgrounds, Inc.

A seller of industrial quality playground equipment

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More Proofs:
ABS Insurance Concept Logo Proofs
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Regional Business Associates
Final Logo

Delaware Area Business Group

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More Concept Proofs:
Right On Marketing
Specializes in Customized Promotional Products including mugs and other items.
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Wellness Plus
Final Logo

Specializes in Nutrition
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More ACC General Contractor Logo Proofs:
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Middletown Chiropractic
Final Logo

We also do their website.

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Software Training Specialists
3D Logo Final
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More DMS Mortgage Broker Logo Proofs:
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More Proofs:
Vanier Maintenance

A cleaning company


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