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spam wars

Is your organization's productivity being taxed by the burden of spam?

MAD House Graphics is experienced in fighting spam for our clients. MHG can implement a variety of approaches to regain control of your email boxes. Some of the techniques we can employ on your behalf are detailed below. Many of these you can implement yourself, but of course, feel to contact us for expert assistance.

Option 1) Best Solution

bullet Set up a new email address
bullet Treat it just like your office is moving to a new location... you'll need to notify all important contacts of your address change and set up a forwarding order (auto reply) on your old email address informing those still using it to visit to contact you
bullet Remove email address from site and replace with a custom contact form coded to mask your address OR mask all instances of your email address on your website with our custom java coding
bullet Add Privacy to your Domain Registration (requires annual fee from registrar) or use our Domain administration address as a privacy shield
bullet Be very careful with whom you share your address
bullet Have a public email address for electronic newsletters, online memberships, etc... and a private one you only give to friends and associates.
bullet Also, don't use common addresses like "sales@", "info@", "service@", "john@", "jane@" ...

Option 2) Local Spam Filtering

Locally Run a Spam Filter like:
bullet McAffe SpamKiller
bullet Norton Antispam
bullet SpamPAL [free]

Option 3) Server Side spam filtering
bullet We strongly recommended server side spam filtering with caveats. Filtering, because it is performed by a program, is imperfect and can block important mail. We prefer tagging and delivering spam but not automatically deleting it from the server.

Option 4) Set up a permission based incoming mail system

This solution is a bit severe for most businesses but will quickly provide a nearly bullet proof email box.

MAD House Graphics can help implement a permission based mail system where people would need to request authorization to send you email. Upon approval, their email would be delivered to you. Only those individuals and/or domains you have decided to accept mail from would be able to email you. You would not have to review all mail sent to your box only those who have followed their initial email with a permission request.

Also, once a person had been granted permission to email you they would not have to get validated again. Most important contacts have spam issues to and are happy to do the onetime validation. Newletters you subscribe to will not likely go through the permission process, but you can manually whitelist them with some systems.

Option 5) Implement a mail scrubber
bullet MAD House Graphics can help implement a mail scrubbing system that will route your mail through an external mail server to filter SPAM and scan for viruses before delivering to your box.


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